Uncertified translation

HALFMOON TRADUCTIONS is at your service to translate your documents, wherever you are in France.

A reliable translation service

Unlike certified translations, uncertified translations do not require the signature or stamp of a sworn translator. Don’t hesitate to call on HALFMOON TRADUCTIONS to translate your commercial documents, legal files or the content of your website!

With over twenty years of experience and working with a network of translators covering several countries, we are able to translate your texts in a very short time. We can also help you with your administrative formalities in France.

Know-how and support

Are you about to send a document abroad? Is your source document relevant to the recipient country? Before sending the file, don’t hesitate to give it to us. Our services include: preservation of the content, study of the varieties and linguistic evolution of the target country, translation and delivery of your document.

Working with over 200 translators worldwide, we can provide you with a clear, clean and readable document.

We guarantee a fast and accurate translation

Our services:

  • Translation agency
  • Certified translation
  • Non-certified translation
  • Legal translation (contracts, administrative procedures, etc.)
  • Technical translation

Your benefits:

  • Rigorous and reliable work
  • Translations done in the destination countries
  • Free trial
  • Respect of deadlines

Target customer locations:

  • Saint-Germain-en-Laye
  • Rennes
  • Paris
  • Trans-la-ForĂȘt
  • France


    maximum 20Mo and formats pdf,doc,docx,jpg,png,webp

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    We have been providing translation services for over 20 years