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Halfmoon Translations provides translation services for businesses and individuals. We have been in business since 1995 and offer translation services in all languages and in all fields.

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A network of competent translators

Thanks to our network of more than 200 specialised translators, working in their mother tongue, we can handle the translation of all your documents to or from abroad.

The translations are carried out in the country for which they are intended, as close as possible to the realities and the local language.

Our translators work all over the world in all time zones, which allows us to translate within a short time frame of 12 hours or more. We can process a request received at 6pm for 9am the next day.

Please do not hesitate to contact us for any information or for a free quote.

We translate all types of documents: employment contracts, commercial texts, visa application documents, technical, legal, etc


In the context of your international activities, you often have documents to translate, for a better understanding or to give a perfect image of your company to your foreign interlocutors: entrust them to professional translators.

Our translators live most of the time in the country to which the document is addressed, as close as possible to its culture and linguistic developments – an essential condition for a good translation, respecting the original text and nevertheless understandable by the reader.


We will help you with all your administrative formalities in France and your contacts with foreign countries. We provide translations certified by translators sworn in by the Court of Appeal and accepted by the authorities (prefectures, town halls, etc.).


Our firm specialises in the translation of official documents (identity cards, birth and marriage certificates, pension fund extracts, bank statements, etc.) for legal purposes: applications for residence permits, work permits, house purchases, etc.

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